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In a market that is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, it is often difficult to stand out from the crowd. A large number of the companies that have begun to operate in the cobranded credit card niche have adopted fairly aggressive marketing campaigns to try capturing a fast share of the market.

However, a large percentage of companies in the know have discovered that by choosing Prepaid 3 co-branded credit cards to partner with to establish a working partnership, they will be choosing a company that comes with all the experience as well as the professionalism to establish a successful and profitable co-branded card service, in one or a few off the many formats that co-branded card marketing programs can cover.

They will soon discover why Prepaid 3 are regarded within the industry as the market leaders in the development of co-branded card programs. That’s the reason why they have been successfully working in close cooperation with some of the world’s leading merchants to custom define their needs and fashion on their behalf either/ or debit and credit card programs that will allow them to establish a close working relationship with their own existing client base as well as bringing them unlimited opportunities to increase their customer flow and the subsequent profits.

For those merchant business owners and managers who have yet to discover the benefits of marketing the company by linking to Prepaid 3 here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting in to the co-branded credit cards niche.

At Prepaid 3, we provide the following

  • 24 hour customer service staffed by our own fully trained service team who provide all of the answers to your enquiries in the language that you speak.
  • Around the clock credit card fraud monitoring service.
  • Simple to access  24/7 hour online availability of all your clients account information
  • Information that is credible and readily available from any merchant outlet
  • The ability to provide our clients with constantly updating statements that can be reached online as well as an overriding monthly hardcopy statement sent either to the merchant head office as well as any other branches, according to your specifications.
  • The ability to provide the same service to the merchants clients.
  • The flexibility to deal in most major currencies
  • Each and every of the co-branded credit cards that Prepaid 3 issues comes engraved with both the merchants name, company logo as well as their clients name to increase brand awareness.

And it doesn’t end there. Because Prepaid 3 are well aware of our responsibilities and consequently make every effort to ensure customer security at all levels of the trading platform. We do so by ensuring that our security levels are as high as can be found in the industry, backed up by both MasterCard, and Visa, our merchant clients can rest easy in the knowledge that all documentation and relaying of information is carried out under the highest level of security.

Choosing to partner with the Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card program means you will be able to take advantage of our extensive experience in the industry, which is available to you around the clock. The solutions we provide to our merchant partners have seen millions of co-branded cards in a very wide choice of formats currently in use in close to one  hundred countries throughout the world.

Prepaid 3

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