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In  a time  when consumers are looking for the best deals as well as knowing that they people they are dealing with are  financially stable, one of the finest marketing tools that any retail business or service provider  can provide to their clients is a Silver Cards Co-Branded Card  for when they make any kind of purchase. Silver Cards are among the most successful and prominent companies in the industry, underwritten by acknowledged industry leaders, with our trading partners able to chose from either Master Card or Visa. Either of these industry big guns is guaranteed to inspire the confidence of your customers while adding considerable credibility to any trading company’s marketing image.

As many retailing companies have discovered no matter from which sector and where they are situated in the World, through working in close cooperation with Silver Cards they open a lot of doors. Doors that lead to increased customer retention, doors that lead to creating a whole new potential client base and with it increased turnover and profitability.

Attention should be paid to the marketing statistic that shows that a large percentage of consumers who sign up for a credit card, will gradually build up a strong working relationship with the retail outlet whose name is on the card. Merchants who have realized the marketing potential of operating a Silver Cards Co- Branded Cards scheme, in any of its various formats have rapidly discovered that they can only benefit through developing a specific marketing strategy specifically tailored to harness the power of the huge benefits available. Benefits that will have customers coming back for more through cash back and points schemes.

Silver Cards Co- Branded Cards will allow retailers, across the broadest spectrum of retailing, from food to footwear, from gas to gardening equipment to rapidly establish and maintain a close relationship with their clients that would otherwise be impossible.

This relationship can be maintained through keeping constant and friendly contact with your Silver Cards Co- Branded Cards customer thanks to the open door that the card provides.  An opening that marketing departments dream off and will provide a constant opportunity  to maintain constant contact with existing  clients and make it a lot less attractive for  them to go looking anywhere else.  .

Client loyalty can only be established, but also maintained through the use of innovative promotions,  loyalty points and frequent flyer options are only some of a few, retention opportunities that offering a company credit card can provide.

In today’s tough marketing conditions, merchant business operators need to grasp firmly on to every marketing opportunity that they can discover, and statistics and marketing surveys strongly declare that by implementing a Silver Cards co-branded card program the benefits can be truly considerable.

Don’t forget that by forming a trading partnership with Silver Cards, a company’s name and logo will appear on each e-wallet card alongside either Visa or Mastercard. That’s a lot of power to pack on a single card and one that will add to any company’s credibility as well as their turnover and bottom line.

So if you feel that your company can benefit from operating any or all or our co-branded card programs through Silver Cards, why not contact us now and we will get right back to you.

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