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A few years ago the very concept of issuing a prepaid or debit card as it is more often known would have been not such an appealing prospect for the average consumer. That was in the days when credit was plentiful and a large number of consumers were carried away on a wave of unreality. That wave eventually crashed and when it did it brought about tremendously negative repercussions for the financial institutions as well as the public at large,

Thankfully these days are now in the past, and most people have learned the lessons. One of the major lessons that the public have learned is to keep much better track of their outgoings through credit cards and in certain circumstances not to use them at all. The basic principle of carrying a credit card was to minimise the use and the risks of carrying cash to make purchases. An ideal compromise situation has been to issue prepaid cards and the good news is that Prepaid 3 co-branded have also provided an excellent option for merchants who wish to offer the service to clients.

Prepaid 3 co-branded prepaid cards are underwritten the recognised leaders in credit card management, Visa and MasterCard, who have decades long experience in providing consumers with a serious innovative solutions and managing finances.

Combining the power and authority of these two market leaders with the comfort and security of dealing with local merchant company will enable a strong bond to be built up between the merchant and the consumer.

Adding that extra opportunity will be unable to prepay a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card will provide the consumer with a feeling that they are dealing with a company who has their best interests at heart and care about their financial well-being.

Setting off on a co-branded prepaid card marketing scheme can provide the basis of an arrangement that will bring customer and merchant ever closer together.  The underlying message is that the form of partnership that is being established will work in the interests of both the consumer and the merchant.

Marketing experts will tell you that the best way to increase sales and maintain customer relationships is to establish and never give up on constant and friendly contact with customers, either active or potential.

There are very few instances where these days, the consumer will make any form of purchase any supermarket chain a petrol station even a department store were the sales people, who have been very well trained to do so, will not ask first of all if you already hold a co-branded credit cards from their company. If the answer is in the negative, then they will move immediately begin to promote the product.

And why do they? Because the company has discovered the tremendous advantages of co-branding in terms of customer retention and increase turnover.

If you’re involved in marketing for any form of retailing merchant and are looking for ways to increase sales and maintain and grow your client base then you should find out more about how much implementing a Prepaid 3 co-branded prepaid card scheme  for your company will provide.

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