Co-branded payroll/commission scheme

How you can keep your employees satisfied with a Prepaid 3 co-branded payroll/commission scheme.

Case Study One:

There are a lot of companies around the world, and in particular those involved in marketing or providing services, who are on the lookout for original methods to keep their employees happy. After all, everyone knows, that a happy and satisfied employee will be that much more productive. Not only that, if your staff are convinced that the employer has their best interest at heart, they will pass on the enthusiasm and loyalty to the company to the people that they come in contact with during the course of their work.

There are a number of traditional means of building and retaining employee loyalty, such as pension schemes, peripheral training, company outings and joint activities. All of these play a part in keeping a smile on the employees face. But they all have one major shortcoming. They don’t put cash in the employee’s pocket, nor can they be tailored to reward a particular employee’s efforts.

That’s where a Prepaid 3 co-branded payroll / commission scheme comes into play. On our clients list, we have a large number of companies and institutions who operate such a scheme, and without exception, they have found it to produce exactly the results they are looking for. Any employee can be handed either on a one-off basis or as a permanent perk, a preloaded Prepaid 3 co-branded payroll or commission scheme card as a reward for putting in extra hours, beating their individual sales target considerably or a variety of other reasons.

The question that will soon pop up will inevitably be, what does this happy employee get out of the deal? They get to spend the commission or bonus on what they want when they want. They can take their wife and even the family out for a nice meal, by themselves a new outfit, something electrical or whatever takes their fancy. They can even save up a few of their co-branded payroll or commission cards and take themselves off on a short holiday.

Add to that the opportunity of simply going to the nearest ATM and with drawing some, if not all, of the cash in their Prepaid 3 co-branded payroll or commission card without the bank manager getting the slightest whiff of it. That can be an attraction for many people in these financially pressed times.

Any employed who has taken the trouble and expense to sponsor a co-branded payroll or commission card program gets a lot of advantages out of the deal. Apart from happy employees they can also write off ALL of the costs of mounting the scheme against income tax. Everybody wins!

If you would like to find out more about what mounting a Prepaid 3 co-branded payroll card or a commission scheme for your employees, you should contact us now without delay.

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