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Forming working partnerships with MasterCard

MasterCard have been a leading force in digital commerce for more than forty years, in the process making the global economy a safer and more transparent place to do business for suppliers and consumers alike.

In their role as a leading trend setter in the field of digital commerce MasterCard are behind the majority of its advances, while at the same time carving out global alliances in the fields of franchising, payment processing, marketing financial services as well as trusted advisors on all the latest developments in the field of consumer and business finance to their broad client base.

Through forming working partnerships with MasterCard, businesses, consumers, institutions as well as government offices  have enjoyed the benefits of the many tailored and innovative product solutions that the global credit card giant has to offer, all of which can be tailored to slot into a particular bracket, each of which will strengthen the bonds between the consumer and the company or organisation that forms an alliance with MasterCard and will see their outstanding logo embossed in their card.

Among the variety of credit platform services that MasterCard have on offer are the following:

Tailored Reward Schemes:  A company of organisation that is interested in instituting a tailored reward scheme be it for their employees, members or customers will discover that MasterCard will come up with an innovative program that will suit them.

Debit Card Schemes:  Mastercard offer a wide choice range of consumer debit products tailored to every requirement.

Prepaid Card Schemes: MasterCard’s offer a wide choice range of prepaid card schemes, including reloadable payroll cards, employee benefit cards, travel cards, as well as wide range of similar schemes designed to make full advantage of electronic payment processes.

In addition to these platforms, MasterCard offers a choice of solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of businesses, institutions and government agencies, each designed to enhance the spread of digital business.

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