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Prepaid 3 debit card programs and co-branded cards are used worldwide by our clients for a variety of needs, such as Dividend, incentive and Forex pay outs through credit cards, Membership based affiliation applications through prepaid cards, Loan and benefit pay out applications with cobranded cards, Insurance pay out programs with credit cards, Commission pay out applications through debit cards, Travel and remittance card programs with prepaid credit cards, Telecommunications and cellular phone companies, Department stores and supermarkets through co-branded cards, Gaming and gambling organizations with prepaid cards, Service and utilities companies with co-branded cards, etc.

Prepaid 3 is an official co-branded partner and long established program manager with Special issuing approval status for its co-branded cards, card programs and prepaid credit cards with existing clients across all 4 continents. Prepaid 3 prepaid cards and credit cards are used by clients in over 30 million ATMs worldwide.

Prepaid 3 is the industry leader for co-branded cards, forex cards  prepaid cards, white label programs, software and payment integration platforms and turnkey payment solutions. Prepaid 3 co-branded cards are used tens of millions of  locations globally.

Co-branded cards and debit cards partnerships strengthen customer loyalty as well as attracting new customers, lowering the organization’s overall acquisition costs.

Branded and co-branded debit card programs have become immensely popular in the entire ambit of business. These co-branded debit card programs involve association of a business entity with a bank and esteemed credit card providers such as Visa or MasterCard. This helps companies in broadening their customer base by attracting new customers from foreign shores.

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