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It’s a well known fact that there is power in numbers, and it can be a real shame not to utilize that power to the full. That’s the reason why some of the largest and longest Educational Institutions in the United States and across the World have turned to industry leader, Prepaid 3 to establish a trading partnership that will provide their members with a cutting edge co-branded credit or debit card program.

Prepaid 3 have gained a worthy reputation as one of the pioneers of the Co Branded cards industry and that’s what why educational institutions have turned to them to enjoy the advantages of their experience and tried and tested marketing philosophy. A philosophy that allows the educational institutions and organisations that they partner with to provide their members with a comprehensive choice of flexible payment options, with each option individually developed to comply with any possible scenario

By distributing Prepaid 3 co-branded educational institution card to their members opens a doorway to readily redeemable benefits purchased with the financial units that have been loaded into the card in a never ending list of retail units, hotels, restaurants, car hire companies across the country as well as the chance to use the card for online purchases..

Educational institutes who have decided to take advantage of our tremendous experience and connections in the retailing industry to set up promotions, will go a long way making their your Prepaid 3 Co-Branded educational institutions program an outstanding success by keeping their members happy through providing an iron clad trading partnership. A partnership that will ensure their member’s loyalty is considerably strengthened as well as dramatically increasing attraction levels to new members.

Choosing Prepaid 3 as their trading partner means that the company management can rest easy in the knowledge that each and every aspect of customer security is being taking care of by industry professionals. Every transaction made through Prepaid 3 is guaranteed to be processed using the latest double encrypted software. A guarantee of security backed by Visa and MasterCard, our trading partners.

If you’re interested in discovering more about what the Prepaid 3 Co-branded debit or credit card services that we offer can do for your business, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our highly trained and friendly staff will be happy to provide an in-depth explanation of how operating a Prepaid 3 Co-Branded educational institutions card program will go a very long way in providing the institute’s members the best possible conditions to take full advantage of their cumulative buying power. Power that should always be harnessed in order to be taken full advantage of.

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