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It was not that long ago that the co-branded credit card option remained within the realms of the large corporations and any spin-off profits went solely to them. However, since the Prepaid 3 co-branded option became available many more companies are taking advantage of the business opportunities that offering a joint credit card to customers, either existing or potential, will bring.

Prepaid 3 co-branded credit cards are underwritten by market leaders, either Visa or MasterCard, providing consumers with a feeling of security because they know they are dealing with the credit card management in the world.

The question that will come to mind with many of the companies who could benefit from being involved in such a scheme is how will they benefit from being involved. And the answer is  that operating a co-branded credit card program through Prepaid 3 will provide not only credibility but all the also the opportunity to win and maintain customer through the power of  regular credit card generated promotions.

Attention should be paid  to the marketing statistic that shows that a large percentage of consumers who sign up for a credit card, will gradually build up a strong working relationship with the merchant who issued the card.

The attraction will  always be to use whatever credit is on the card with the merchant company that issued it, simply because there will be a large number of benefits involved that will draw the consumer into the marketing strategy of the company through cash backs  and points schemes.

Implementing a co-branded credit card scheme is an excellent marketing tool, when used wisely. The reasoning being that most merchants who catch on to the concept of co-branding have always been shown to rapidly reap the benefits.

What better way is there to maintain a constant and friendly contact with the client than sending them their monthly Prepaid 3 credit card monthly statement? The very act provides an open door that marketing savvy merchants from every cross-section of the retailing and service providing industry to maintain constant contact with clients.

Client loyalty can only be established, but also maintained through the use of innovative promotions, loyalty points and frequent flyer options are only some of a few, retention opportunities that offering a company credit card can provide.

Recent market research has shown that coming anywhere between 25% to 35% of all credit cards held in North America are co-branded, with the figures coming in from Europe and the Near and Far East also showing that the concept is catching on in these parts of the world at a very fast rate.

So if you operate a merchant business and are on the lookout for another way, and an effective one at that, to keep your clients happy and within arms reach, you should be seriously considering implementing a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit cards for your company.

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