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How you can keep coming back for more thanks to a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card scheme.

Case Study Two:

There are a lot of merchants around that are on constant lookout for original and telling methods that will keep their client base content and coming back for more. Not an easy target to set these days with competition for business being so fierce, however, some of the world’s largest retailers, as well as a lot of the smaller ones, have discovered that by mounting  a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card scheme they have achieved some spectacular results.

It’s very easy to buy business through promoting extensive advertising campaigns, newspaper and magazine advertising, television and radio as well a number of other methods that usually succeed, but at a cost, in bringing the customers through the door.

However, by signing customers up to the Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card scheme. Once you have captured their attention the surprisingly large percentage of your advertising budget will be turned by retaining the traffic flow that you have invested so hard to introduce to what you have to offer.

That’s where a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card scheme will kick in and, if present statistics are anything to go by, will begin to bring in immediate results. At Prepaid 3, we will be happy to provide wide ranging facts and figures on the dramatic upturn in sales that our trading partners have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy form the moment that they got the message and began to operate a Prepaid 3 co-branded credit card scheme.

There is a general consensus that retailers who have realised the potential that operating a co-branded credit card scheme will bring, invariably enjoy the results of a wise decision. Statistically, the companies who have chosen Prepaid 3 as their co-branded credit card partner have done better in terms of profits than those who’ve chosen other companies.

There are a number of reasons for this was among the most likely being Prepaid 3 absolute professionalism enhanced by our many years of experience in the industry, our in depth market penetration that covers most of the globe and are working partnerships with industry giants Visa and MasterCard.

Many retailers have discovered that by choosing Prepaid 3 they are placing themselves in the hands of a company who know exactly what they are doing, and will teach and train their management staff to get the best out of the partnership

Figures now mirror f the fact that between 25% to 35% of all the credit cards currently issued throughout North America are co-branded , with a very large portion (modesty prevents us from revealing exactly how much) being from the Prepaid 3 stable.

So retailers! Now is the time to get on the Prepaid 3 co-branded credit cards train to success for your company.  Why not contact us now to discover what many people already know. That by launching co-branded credit card marketing campaign in partnership with industry leader. Prepaid 3 you will see an immediate outcome in turnover and sales.

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