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Prepaid 3 Corporate management Card system

One of the busiest departments in any corporate organisation is the one that the deals with payouts to staff at the medium to upper echelons. Known as corporate payments, they can either fall into the category of to maintain an expense account float, pay out incentive bonuses, rewards for increased efficiency, commission payments or a variety of non-recurring salary increments.

Until very recently the procedure of dispensing these one off corporate payments could be problematic. However with the arrival of Prepaid 3 on the scene, with their wide range of co-branded payment card options on the scene, that problem has gradually receded.

Now any corporation can issue their top level employees with their own company branded credit or fully loaded debit card. The card can be charged up on a regular basis to keep in line with whatever payment or a payment they are due and used for an unlimited number of purchases either for personal or business use. Having a Prepaid 3 Corporate debit or credit card at their disposal means that company employees can make purchases at millions of stores, restaurants, hotels, car hire among a wide  variety of merchants and service providers throughout the World, who will  accept MasterCard or Visa debit cards with open arms. In addition being a Prepaid 3 Corporate debit or credit card holder means having the ease of going to any ATM machine or even a post office and transfer some of the money on the card to a personal bank account, in any currency or country the card holder chooses.

Thousands of corporate management departments across the country have already discovered the tremendous benefits of working with the Prepaid 3 Corporate management Card system, which is known to be the most convenient, secure, and user friendly payout alternative of all concerned. By taking the trouble to provide this valuable benefit to their employees, companies have discovered how issuing payments through a company labeled debit or credit card considerably increase employee loyalty and retention levels.

For those financial department heads that have yet to discover the advantages of issuing corporate payments through an in-house branded corporate program in partnership with industry leader Prepaid 3.  Through choosing Prepaid 3 as their partner the corporate financial department are placing themselves in the best possible hands.

To begin with every aspect of customer security will be expertly taken care of by the leading specialists in the world of co-branding. They will know that each and every transaction made through Prepaid 3 is guaranteed to be processed using the latest double encrypted software. A guarantee of security backed by Visa and MasterCard, our trading partners.

If you’re interested in discovering more about what the Prepaid 3 Co-branded debit or credit card services that we offer can do for your business, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our highly trained and friendly staff will be happy to provide an in-depth explanation of how operating a Prepaid 3 Co- Branded Corporate Payment Schemes card program will work wonders for your company by keeping their top executives happy through enjoying all of the various benefits that being a company credit card holder will bring.

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