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Co Branded Cards and Prepaid cards

In the ever competitive markets of today an increasingly large number of the companies and organisations have discovered the edge that they can gain over the opposition through operating a co branded credit card program. These programs can be hand tailored by the professionals at Prepaid 3 to suit every situation, from aggressive marketing campaigns to in-house incentive schemes, travel remittance schemes and many other applications.

Choosing a company like Prepaid 3 that come with all the experience as well as the professionalism to establish a successful and profitable co-branded card service can be one of the smartest decisions any company can make to push their business forward.

Prepaid 3 are regarded within the industry as the market leaders in the development of co-branded card programs working in conjunction with MasterCard or Visa. That’s the reason why we have been chosen to work in close cooperation with some of the world’s leading merchants, corporations and organisations to custom define their needs and fashion credit and debit card programs for them. Programs that will allow these entities establish and consolidate a close working relationship with their own existing client base as well as bringing them unlimited opportunities to increase their customer flow and the subsequent profits.

If you represent a company, large or small and are Interested in discovering more about what the Prepaid 3 Co-branded debit or credit card services can do for you, then please feel free to contact our marketing department anytime  staff anytime. They you will find our highly trained and friendly staff waiting  to provide you with all the answers and  details of how by establishing a Prepaid 3 Co- Branded card program will work wonders for your company.

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