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Prepaid 3 are global leaders in co-branded credit and debit card services operating across the globe, with approximately four million consumers using one of the many forms of Prepaid 3 co-branded cards, from credit to debit cards as well as debit cards and e-wallet cards.

For those who have yet to encounter the power of e-wallet cards as a marketing tool should take the time to discover what a Prepaid 3 e-wallet card program might be able to do for their business should take the time to find out a little more about them

E-wallet cards have enjoyed a tremendous wave of popularity in the last few years. A lot of people find them comfortable to use, simply because they are anonymous. In other words, there is no need to transfer any credit card details online. All that the consumer needs to do is provide their e-wallet number and not further personal details are required. Those way details of the transaction need not make it back to family members, banks, employers, employees, or anyone else who care not to let know where you spend your money.

One of the most popular uses for co branded e-wallets cards are for funding online gaming accounts or any form of online activity where discretion may be better used. If you are a manager or owner of any kind of online enterprise that has an interest in protecting their customer’s identity as well as retaining them as a loyal client, do what many others have done before you. Set up a Prepaid 3 e-wallet card program and you will have a customer for life.

By establishing a Prepaid 3 e-wallet cards program. merchants pave the way for taking  all the discomfort from your customer with the issue of online purchases.  You can arrange for your client o fund their e-wallet cards through credit card or wire transfer and for there on in they can use their co-sponsored Prepaid 3 e-wallet card to make as many purchases as they want and where it suits them.

Merchants who work in close conjunction with Prepaid 3 Co-branded cards, will rapidly discover the tremendous advantages as well as the profit earning opportunities of dealing with an industry leader will bring them. But not only that by entering into a trading partnership with Prepaid 3 they will become closely affiliated to known internationally trusted credit card brands of the caliber of Visa and MasterCard, whose cards are welcome accepted in most countries around the world.

That means by hooking up with Prepaid 3, your company name and logo will appear on all your e-wallet cards alongside either Visa or Mastercard. That’s a lot of power to pack on a single card and one that will add to any company’s credibility as well as their turnover and bottom line.

So if you feel that your company can benefit from operating an e-wallet card through Prepaid 3, why not contact us now and we will get right back to you. And that’s a promise!

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