Co-branded Cards and Visa Card.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Over the last few years there has been a considerable upsurge in the development of co-branded credit and debit cards for a variety of business applications as well as providing a far reaching range of problem solving solutions for businesses and organizations throughout the World.

One of the pioneers of this new and exciting financial service industry are Prepaid 3 who have succeeded in achieving considerable market penetration thanks to their trading partnership with Visa, one of the World’s leading credit card companies,

This dynamic trading partnership between Visa and Prepaid 3 has created a situation where today’s card holder can only benefit from a wide range of alternatives all of them designed to assist them in the successful transfer of their hard earned cash, either in form of a salary or in bonuses and work incentive schemes.

Prepaid 3 have spent many years operating in tandem with Visa Card to develop a powerful suite of problem solving solutions for global companies, organisations and institutions wherever they are situated. Companies that partner with Prepaid 3 will see their name and company logo boldly embossed on the card alongside the Visa Card with all the credibility that that will bring.

People who know Visa Card will know that they are ideally equipped to form a first class foundation for any co-branded credit or prepaid card scheme. Choosing Prepaid 3 as a trading partner means every aspect of customer security is being taking care of by industry professionals, with each transaction being processed using the latest double encrypted software. A guarantee of security backed up Visa.

The schemes on offer through Prepaid 3 have been specifically fine tuned to offer the following alternatives that will ideally suit every consumer. They run as follows:

  • Travel Remittances
  • Corporate Payments
  • Incentive Programs
  • Reward Schemes
  • Any form of Financial Payout for either customers or employees.
  • Payroll  Schemes
  • Incentive Programs
  • Marketing  promotions
  • Foreign exchange transaction funding
  • eWallet online transaction programs
  • Educational or other large  institutions cards

So what will working with Prepaid 3 and Visa mean to the card holder?

  • The capability to access account details and withdraw cash through either point of sale through point of sale ( POS)  terminals or Automatic Teller Machines ( ATMs)
  • The capability to easily transfer funds to and from a current bank account to the card
  • The capability to receive monthly card statements
  • The capability to easily access account information 24 hour  a day through the internet
  • The capability to carry out financial transactions in multiple currencies

Already tens of thousands of Trading companies, institutions and national or local organisations have discovered the power and credibility that a Visa Card and Prepaid 3 will bring to them and the benefits that they bring to their customers, employees and association members. Why not contact the customer service department at Prepaid 3 in order to find out what implementing a Visa driven Prepaid 3 co-branded card program will bring you.

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