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Prepaid 3 Co Branded Cards Strengthening customer relationships

Over the last decade or more Co-Branded Banking cards have become increasingly powerful as a means of strengthening customer relationships in a wide variety of industries and commercial frameworks throughout the world.

At Prepaid 3 we are proud to have gained ourselves a reputation as one of the pioneers of the Co Branded Banking cards industry. We are convinced that our success is largely due to our unique marketing philosophy that allows our trading partners to provide their customers with the broadest base of flexible payment options to suit each of their individual needs and situation.

The Prepaid 3 Co-Branded Banking card formula operate in such a fashion that a regular client for a travel agency can be awarded regular credits by the travel company in appreciation of the business being done. Being awarded a Prepaid 3 co-branded banking card means that the client can redeem the cash that has been loaded into the card in any one of thousands, if not tens of thousands of outlets, either off-line or online.

Other forms of Co-Branded Banking cards issued by Prepaid 3 can take in a form of loyalty scheme for employees, regular customers even one-time significant purchasers of any goods and services offered by a large trading organisation.

By issuing such a card, embellished by the issuing company’s logo, which can be used to purchase vacation credits at any airline, hotel chain, travel agency or indeed anything to do with vacation and leisure, the issuing company will go a long way in establishing a first-class working relationship with the clients, both corporate and private.

For those of you who have yet to discover about Prepaid 3, we are one of the largest and longest established co-branded partner and program manager specialising in the rapidly expanding co-branded cards, card programs and prepaid credit cards industry with a comprehensive client base that runs across four continents.

Today it is a known fact that Prepaid 3 prepaid and credit cards are used by tens of millions of consumers on a daily basis.

By forming a trader/Prepaid 3 Co-branded cards and debit cards partnership customer loyalty is considerably strengthened as well as dramatically increasing any marketing organisation, attraction levels to new customers, whilst considerably reducing their overall costs of marketing and acquisition.

All aspects of customer security are taking care of by Prepaid 3 service so that the merchant can rest assured that every transaction will be handled using the latest double encrypted software and backed by the decades of experience in all aspects of the credit card business by either Visa or MasterCard.

If you’re interested in discovering more about what the Prepaid 3 Co-branded debit or credit card services that we offer can do for your business, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to provide an in-depth explanation  of how operating a Prepaid 3 Co-Branded Banking card program may well be provide the answers that you have been looking for when it comes to successfully marketing your company.

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