Co-Branded Cards – Credit card, Debit Card and Prepaid card programs

The advantages of establishing a pre-funded credit card programs that can be specially designed to promote any company or organization sales efforts can be many. At Prepaid3, we possess the ability to provide any conscious shimmer orientated business the choice of Co-branded Credit Card programs, each one of them custom designed, and which has been proven to provide tremendous results. Results that can be readily defined and almost immediately attained.

Co-branded Cards have become a marketing hit over the last two years by providing retail outlets, filling stations and garages as well as any other business that is interested in establishing a wider loyal client base and retaining them. Every market survey ever carried out  and every statistic ever gathered has only shown that by providing an effective Co-branded Cards payment service, in line with credit card market leaders, MasterCard and Visa, not only adds  credibility to any business, but will also have a dramatic effect on customer loyalty as well as pushing for considerable increases in repeat sales.

At Prepaid3, we have pulled out all the stops to offer our clients, both existing and potential, a complete list of options for prepaid credit cards and as many variations on the same theme as is possible to come up with, ranging from a basic purpose prepaid credit card to one that includes a full rewards program.

Merchants who realise the value of co-branding also rapidly reap the benefits. Co-branding opens the door to many passive marketing benefits that will only help to build a strong bridge between the consumer and the merchant. One of the finest examples is the issuing of a monthly statement that  allows merchants to keep in touch, thereby strengthening retention prospects  and  client loyalty by an already open door to promotions, frequent-buyer rebates, and a whole choice of retention opportunities. The fact that merchants have access to their clients through Prepaid3 monthly statements means that they can rapidly build up an accurate profile of their client’s buying patterns and preferences and entice them with tailored offers suitably matched to their established buying patterns.

Where Prepaid3 can also score over and above a traditional credit card is in their ability to provide a long list of flexible options and turnkey solution programs for any merchant. These include the following:

  • Co-branded card programs
  • Co-Branded Cards
  • Payroll Cards
  • Reward Schemes
  • Incentive Programs
  • Corporate Payments
  • Financial payouts
  • E-wallet cards
  • Forex Cards
  • Travel Cards
  • Co- Branded Banking cards
  • Foreign Exchange Schemes
  • Co Branded e-wallet cards
  • Travel Remittance Cards
  • Educational institutions cards
  • White label programs
  • Embossed and un-embossed debit card programs
  • Co-branded prepaid card programs
  • Co-branded cards
  • Local bank transfer processing (200+ countries)
  • Turnkey solutions taking in  licensing and payment processing integration.


From that long list of options it has to be obvious that Prepaid3 have a card solution to suit every business. Find out why Prepaid3 Cards have succeeded in developing co-branded prepaid credit card solutions for a wide number worldwide clients and how Prepaid3 Cards can push your business forward too.

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