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Corporate Payments

Prepaid credit card – is it good for your employees and your company?
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Financial Payouts

Do you want your investment company to be better than your competitors?
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The bear and elephant of credit cards with widest coverage across the globe.
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The big bull of debit and prepaid cards business, with fastest growing network.
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MasterCard and Prepaid3

Prepaid3 works in conjunction with MasterCard to evolve and develop a compelling choice of co-branded cards and platform solutions.
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Co-branded Banking Cards

Ideal solution for banks that require a white label credit or prepaid card platform including processing and multiple co-branding facilities.
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VISA and Prepaid3

Tens of thousands of clients globally have discovered the power and credibility of Prepaid3 VISA prepaid credit cards including association members.
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Prepaid 3 Co-Branded Cards

Platform Solutions – Card programs

We are now living through an age when consumers are seeking a form of solidity when they make any kind of credit card purchase. Prepaid 3 are market leaders in the development of what are known as Co-branded cards, Prepaid platform solutions, Co-branded card programs, custom designed debit and credit card programs for businesses and as such have been working hand in hand to tailor design both debit and credit card programs for a wide variety of retail businesses.

The secure feeling that the public gets when making any kind of purchase at the local supermarket, department store or even when they fill up the car with petrol using a card backed not only by one of the leading credit card companies, but also by the company that they are directly doing business with gives them a solid feeling. The kind of solid feeling that will go a long way to cementing a long working relationship.

The reason for the rise in popularity of co-branded card programs in recent years is that they can be used by the consumer like any regular form of credit cards, whilst integrating customer incentive schemes such as retroactive discounts, frequent user points that can be renewed in a form of a credit and anything else interesting that a company’s marketing department can come up with in the pursuit of client retention.

The main users of co-branded card programs whether it be credit or debit cards in the retail sector can take in all manner of retail outlets, but can also be used to promote and monitor all kinds of customer loyalty point’s schemes.  Once the consumer begins to use their co-branded card on a regular basis, then the incentive is there for them to spend more. They will generally do so to take advantage of the credits and points that they have accumulated.

A powerful argument in favour of using a co-branded card program as a marketing tool is that once the consumer or has loaded their card in case of a prepaid debit card, then the card can be used with a variety of merchants and not just with the issuer, although most of the incentives that they gain by using the card will, in most cases, only be redeemable by the merchant
Co-branded cards often come with a variety of incentives, such as discounts or rebates of various types. Cards of this genre are affiliated with specific merchants, and not general professional groups or other types of associations. However, co-branded cards can also be used with other merchants.

The Prepaid 3 Co-Branded Card has been designed to provide the maximum in flexible payment options for the merchant. Card Programs can be developed to suit a wide variety of merchant options ranging from employee or customer incentive schemes and payroll cards.

Retailers, service providers, employers and institutions can pep up their business, and strengthen their relationships with the people that matter to them by instigating a co-branded card scheme. Don’t forget you will be offering your clients the safety and comfort of working with either Visa or Mastercard, adding a lot of credibility to your own brand.

Interested in finding out more about what Prepaid 3 can do for your business? Give us a call today.

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